Friday, March 06, 2009

There tough this year

Tonight’s, reports is going to be short. Have received the picture of the Blue Phase Ross goose, and I have spent an hour trying to move it into a file so I could post it on this report. Well my computer skills are not tuned for such an operation, so assistance is required.

As for today hunt. The birds are still tough and they even slowed down on there decoying. I think we seen as many birds today as yesterday, but much fewer would decoy. Also had the ice to go out of the lake, so we have a wide open hunting place as of now. Sounds like there is going to be a cooler spell coming in so will put back ice at night, but most likely loose it during the day.
As for the kill today: As I said we decoyed fewer today, than yesterday and the shooting slowed down today as well. Had a pair that got into gun range and they took one, along with one flock. And only one of then was taken too. We worked as hard but the results come up short.

Maybe I will get the picture moved into a file later and get it post another time.

Please check back later and say a prayer for the troops tonight
See Ya Carl

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