Sunday, March 08, 2009

We are needing help

Wake up, you hunters. The snows and blues are moving through and we are in need of hunters. I know when I tell you that we killed only one bird today, you are going to say why get excited for one bird. Well I was the only one shooting at that bird, and there were more to be shot at. We had thousands of birds down on us today, and there we set. They were doing pretty good, as far as the decoying went today and, all were in pretty good size flocks. The one I shot was a loner but you don’t want to tell a thousand birds we were there, by one guy shooting into a big flock. Also you just have to know, you can’t kill a bird, by sleeping late, and not hunting.

Please remember to say a prayer for the troops, tonight and I hope we have a better report tomorrow.
See Ya Carl

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