Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We hammered a few again today

Had a great morning. Think every flock, that come along we got into, for a while. Got started about sunrise and I am not for sure the number of go-a-rounds we had, but we totaled out at 26 or 27 birds. Had some great shots, that was preceded by some pretty decoying. Made this old man think of years past, and of the early fall hunts. Just a few birds in a flock, that drop in with their beauty and grace. We may call them Sky Carp, but when they give you a pretty show like they can do, while decoying and then reward you with a great shot, there is no better hunting.

Anyway from about sunrise to about 11:00 we were seeing smaller flocks and they worked real good, but then the larger flocks come along and they are harder to get to work. Most of today’s actions, was all Juvie. Now if we can just get a big snow storm up north and drive then all back again, could make for a good spring hunt

Better post this, so say a prayer for the troops and please check back
See Ya Carl

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