Sunday, March 22, 2009

Small crew but a real wrecking crew

Not many hunters today but for the birds we did see we done a real job on. I think we figured out, if we counted one bird that made it to the west lake and they picked it up, that we killed 75% of the birds that got into our shooting zone. On three go-a-rounds we took 15 of 20 birds.

The picture shows what DIP means. If you count there is 6 in the picture. The spray of water is a dog going after one and there was one on out from where the dog is at and one right in front of her. I am making the picture small, so you should be able to click on it and then enlarge. I think and I hope.

An important date coming up and that is April 24, 2009. That is the Annual Kohler Dinner. So here is all the important info you need to know. If you read this report and want to attend, please show up. As I always say there is a strict dress code. NO CAMMO, NO WADERS, NO SMOKE POLES and no DUCK OR GOOSE CALLS. So here goes

Annual Kohler Dinner
When Friday April 24, 2009
Where Anthony’s Steak House
Time 6:00 Cocktails & Conversation
Dinner is served 7:00

I do not have menu as yet but there is some type of a program and Ralph gives us an update on the two seasons. So grab your sweetie, because that is what this is for, and that is to say "Thank You" to the loves in our lives, for letting us go hunting, while they stayed home cooking, cleaning and chasing the kids ETC. At a latter date I will post the menu, Address of Anthony’s and any other info I can’t think of right now.

Say a prayer for the troops tonight and check back.
See Ya Carl

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