Saturday, March 07, 2009

Better success today

Had some action today. There was not to many on the move but we made the best out of what was moving. Was also a little short on fire power, and it showed up on the kill side of the ledger. We had 7 or 8 guns today and there was two go-a-rounds, and counting one we could not pick up we had 15 for the day. But today was marked with our first great decoying birds. The first flock was pretty early in the day and once they locked up I don’t recall them pumping their winds until we shot. Those are the sights, that us Sky Carp Shooter, really enjoy. The only problem was the wind made their decoying back behind the blind today. Don’t want to complain about the wind to much, because we have not had any for two days, and we had a great wind today. However, it put the birds behind the blind so we could not get our joy’s watching them do there thing, as they sail into the spread. They are the greatest for putting on a decoying show as they come in and that is what we love to see.

We are to get some snow and we think these birds were moving back into this part of the country to get ahead of the storm. as it moves South

This is Saturday night so have to take the little woman out for a meal so best, post this a go.
Remember to say a little prayer for all our hero’s tonight. Please check back and we’ll see ya Carl

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