Friday, March 13, 2009

Two for one today

First off there is an important announcement WE NOW ARE LEAVING THE CAFÉ AT 6:15.

Next to explain yesterday and the activity. I had a problem with a tire on my hunting van. No customers in my pit, so I come it to get a different tire, check with a DR. and get a new Bulb in the headlight of my van. Well I got the tire fixed shot home to check with the Dr., to see if I could get in to see him. Well, there was not time for a visit with him, so I sat down in my chair. See, I have this bad infection in my body, that kicks in every once in a while. What happens, when I but some pressure on my BUTT it forces my eyes shut. When my wife had supper ready, she woke me and it was to late to check with the boss and write a report. So I got one of the three jobs done.

As for the activity for Thursday they had 3 go-a-rounds.

Now for today’s activity. We are getting a few guns and some of them can shoot. Was into geese 4 times today. Have to tell you that on one go-a-round we took 19 birds out of the flock. There was plenty of birds, but is was some darn good shooting too.

They decoyed pretty good today, but believe me when I say they are very cautious. I have not seen a light goose do there thing and appear happy they have found a place to set down and give us a good show, yet this year. That is the fun in hunting Sky Carp, They used to give us a real show, with there "corn shucking" or tumbling as the come in. I used to think, they had the idea that there was a race to see just which one could get into the spread first. It was a thrilling show, but they are so cautious any more.

Now remember that we are leaving earlier, 6:15, and also remember to say a prayer for the troops tonight. Please check back

See Ya Carl

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