Friday, March 27, 2009

A late surprise

We were back in the pits today. Things were a little slow, in the bird department. Took some time to spot the first couple little flocks. The word is there are birds in the area on some of the wetland lands restorations areas, as well there are birds staying a Desota Bend refuge. . We have taken birds everyday we have hunted this spring. We didn’t hunt the Icy day or Mon, Tue, Wed or Thurs, of this week. But if we hunted we took some birds. Some how we though if we would just wait it out, our wait would be rewarded. Well it was worth the wait. Had about 20 (mixed bag of Snow Blues, and Ross’s), drop in on us from the south. When I say drop in I mean DROP IN. They cupped up and come right down into the spread. Had to take then on the first round. Shooting was not the best, but they were close enough to get the smoke pole empty. We took 3. Pack gear and headed home. We thought for a while our record for the year was going to be broke, but the trend continued.

Remember the troops with a bed time prayer, and check back tomorrow, hoping for a bigger report

See Ya Carl

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