Saturday, March 14, 2009

They are still decoying

Was still froze up this morning and the birds were still spooky. The ice finely got soft enough and the wind was blowing, so the young guys walked the ice into small pieces and the wind made short work of the rest. Within an hour the lake was almost ice free.

Again today we decoyed thousands of birds but believe me if they are as tough cooked as they are alive there is no way you could drive a fork into the gravy, let on the bird. Did see one tumble today, but it must have been a small bird there, he was dodging. They are not going to let you know they are interested in your spread. In years past if we had seen this many birds decoy we would have been stacking 4 to 5 dozen in the game bag. We didn’t hit 2 dozen today. The troops shot good too, so that is not the excuse.

Meant to report last night that we had seen our first JUVIE. We took one yesterday, but we had a pretty good number of them today, among the ones we took.

This is Saturday so I have my duty to take mommy out, so must hit the tub and shine my shoes.

Remember the troops in you bed time prayers and please check back
See Ya Carl

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