Thursday, March 05, 2009

There on the Move

Well when "Ol’ Sol" raised his head and come over the horizon, for the first day back in the pits, we had already seen some ducks and some Canada’s. We had no idea just what was in store for us today. They are on the move, and what a great day. The kill was not out standing, but flock after flock decoyed, and I do not mean, little flock either. There was flock of 5 and there was flocks of nearly 500. The boss is saying we had to have upwards of 30 flocks, that decoyed, but with absolutely no wind, to harvest, what we did was, a near miracle. Also, the lake was totally covered with ice, With the warm weather we had today it is getting pretty rotten. We did get a little wind late in the day, we had just one flock out of 3 that we did not get into. Took 4 out of one flock and two out of another. Never the less, it was an enjoyable day. Early season jitters and a few other problem plagued, our shooting, Another reason for such a low total. The mud is so bad right now, so blinds floor, gun stocks, and everything else is muddy, and it handicaped some of us big time.

Another thing of beauty, was the ducks, Canada’s and a few Specks, were all putting on a show for us to enjoy, most of the day. Some of the flocks of Canada’s were huge. Some time numbering into the hundreds. Ducks like we never seen last fall. One time we had around 500 ducks flying all around when we were trying to decoy some Snow and blues. One sight I missed seeing today, we did not see one goose do what we call "corn shuck". That is when they pull the tumbling act, as they decoy, maybe they don’t do that on still days.

Before I forget to put it into this report. We got a phone call from another group of hunting in the Schlyler area today saying that they had Shot a very rare bird. They took a blue phase Ross goose. Later in the day through some technology that I do not under stand, we had a picture on a cell phone. Sure looked like it is what they were saying. Had a short pink bill, and a very weird blue pattern on it. Sure wish I could be that lucky, I think they are worth a few bucks, and have heard report there is no such thing. Well I seen one and that is my story and I am going to stick with it. Will work on getting a picture and post it soon.

We are back at it tomorrow, so hoping for some better numbers for the report then. So please check back and please say a prayer for all the Men and Women who serve our country, tonight
See Ya Carl

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