Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another two day report

Will start on Friday: First thing and I mean First Thing in the morning, we had a nice flock of about 25 Snows and Blues, come right over the pits. There was numerous problem involved in shooting. Like we were surprised and no one was ready to shoot, some was not even loaded. Then there was the problems like; its cloudy, are they S&B’s, is there any Whitefronts mixed in?? They were not talking, not yet daylight, and it is cloudy making it even more dark, even though it is legal shooting time, so ID-ing them, was a problem. Well all problem were solved and after about 4 rounds we went into action. Put 8 DIP. Later in the morning we had a flock of 5 give us a swing. Two give us a shot so took them and got both. And that was the action for Friday.

Now to today Saturday. Was much slower. Was almost noon before we got a flock in and it was a flock of about 8 and took 5 of then. These were Ross’s and there was a couple other flocks of Ross’s and that was about all we seen.

Have several reports of plenty of geese still south and also report that 1000’s are all laid up in the resting areas (wetlands restorations areas) in the county today. I guess the were sun bathing, as well as socializing and not concerned weather we were being bored to death or not.
This is Saturday so I have to get Mother ready to take a swing on the town tonight.

Remember the troops tonight in your prayers and be sure to check back
See Ya Carl

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