Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mid March Report

An open (ice free) pond, nice south wind, temps in the upper 50’s, along with some migrating geese should spell a good to great day, of snow goose hunting. Well it was not a waste of time but it was not the powder burning day you would think we would have. They moved decoys and change tactics of calling and nothing really worked. Either we have lost our memory, of just how to hunt them or they have just got very suspicious of any thing that could be a decoy. We had several big bunches over us today but can get only a very few to get into gun range. I pulled out a little early, because of a family commitment tonight but when I left we had about 15 in the game bag. If There is a bigger game bag, I will up date you tomorrow, night.

Best get this posted. So say a prayer for the troops and check back
See Ya Carl

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