Thursday, March 19, 2009

Both the action and reports, say it is not over yet

They are still moving through, and some decoy and some don’t. But I would say we got into our share today. Was down on hunters but on three go-a-rounds, and one of those rounds it was just a desperation shot. We harvested 10 plus today. My shooting is beyond bad, therefore no help at all.

Reports are there is plenty of birds to come our way yet. I know they have really slowed down, but they are decoying better. Have really had a pretty good week as far as total birds we put in the pond, not all DIP, but still we are picking them up. Most of the birds are young birds and Ross’s but we are getting some pretty decoying, now.

I know this is short but need to get it posted. Remember to say a prayer for all the troops that serve our country

See Ya Carl

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