Monday, March 09, 2009

A little action, after a long wait

Things were slow for a long time today. Was not seeing to many, and the ones we did see would not finish for us. We killed one out of two. We had some big competition, all the birds were going into the west lake, and no one was hunting over there. It is pretty tough to hunt when you have a couple thousand birds in the same section of land. For some reason they like live birds over our fakes. Also they seam to like each other’s company, and don’t mind being a little crowded. I took a phone call from a hunter that wanted to come out and hunt when he got off work and I told him, not to waste his time. Well things turned around, and we started getting some birds in and we killed 13 more after I told him it stay home. Bet he is going to tell me thank you, the next time we meet. We changed the decoys, and that may have helped, but the Boss says he don’t like what they look like yet.

I forgot to tell you that on Sunday we had 5 real big swans, come in and set for a few minutes. They looked like their necks were 4 feet long. They were nervous, and kept their heads high, checking for danger. Didn’t think there should be people standing in holes and watching them, so didn’t stick around long. Still was an interesting sight never the less.

Best post this so Check back and say a prayer for the troops.
See Ya Carl

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