Sunday, November 16, 2008

A day to Watch the birds.

Not to many birds on the move today, however the ones that were give us a better look than the birds we seen yesterday. The shot in the wind was more than sporting. Had two go-a-rounds on geese, and faired good only once. The ones we got down were trophy birds. The biggest one pushed my scales to just over 13 lbs. and the others were between the 10. and 11 lbs. With the wind we took only four. They escape so fast, and they are a tough bird too.

Again I just have to say, that God has blessed me, several times by providing the sight we had today on both bunches of geese. The first was ten big ones and the other was five small (Cacklers). With the wind in the northwest like it was today they decoyed in, in full view of us in the pits. What a sight it is to see those birds, with wings lock, feet down, and a squawk ever once in a while and settling into the spread. If that don’t get the old heart pumping, just as well tell them, to start shoveling the dirt.

On the Cacklers, we just missed. Seams like I am getting good at that any more. I was not ready to jump when the command was given, and if you don’t get a quick shot you don’t have much of a shot. We had another flock of seven Cacklers that was coming in and a plane took care of them. Almost got them back but didn’t.

May have been a short bag day but was a very good watching day, so have to say it was fun just the same.

Please remember the troops tonight, and please check back
See Ya Carl

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