Friday, November 07, 2008

Was a powder burning day

They were not on time but they have moved in. Was afternoon before we started to see the migrators. From then until closing we were spotting plenty of game. Not only Canada’s, both big and small, but Snow and Blues and just about all spices of ducks. We got into 5 snows and put all of then in the bag and then we had a loaner come in and he ended up in the pond too. Had about 4 to 6 go-a-rounds on ducks. Not sure of the total on them, because we had some hunters, leave early and took birds, but had to be around 20 birds. Was a sporting shot, with the wind and one time the boss made it a little more sporting by calling a down wind shot. Used to be a shot I didn’t like but after years of practice missing them, now I am very confident, and just claim all that fall. I think the group done as well on that shot, as any shot we took today, on ducks. The group today did seam to be a little more conservative on shooting shells, than on most windy days.

It is hard for me not to start saying that tomorrow is going to be a barn burner, but I refuse to make any predictions. So all I am going to say, I wouldn't miss tomorrow for nuttin. Unless, they were flying over the clouds we had this morning, there just has to be more coming after the storm, they had north of us. We did see plenty of the S&B, but nothing like we should have. Since we are confused on the ducks, I have no idea what to expect on them. Received report, from a spread or two that they had limited out, and we seen enough duck that that could be possible.

Well, I have to get busy to give then he-- tomorrow so must get busy.

Say a prayer for the troops tonight, and check back

See Ya Carl

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