Monday, November 17, 2008

Short but deadly crew

Well, today there is an amazing story to be told, about this hunt. The setting is of course the Kohlers Pits, loaded with just five experienced but deadly hunters. The bird activity was pretty slow but as we sat there with great confidence, that any thing that would come along, was in a world of hurt. This crew, will be given alias to protect the innocent. There was Stretch, Chief Sharp-Eye, Sugar Maker, killer karl, and Crusty ol’ Dude with a clicky clack. Now I have covered for Crusty ol’ Dude for years. The first activity was there were four Mallards Drakes that buzzed the decoys, so the boss got on the horn and made them circle for another chance at them. He called the shot and we jumped and there was about 5 shot and there were four green heads DIP, For you that don’t remember that means Dead In Pond. Needles to say everyone’s shirt shrunk a couple of sizes. I am sure you know it is tough to shoot with a tight shirt and all were to proud to loosen their shirt by unbuttoning. As luck would have it along came a small flock (7) geese. Decoyed in beautiful, I could hear Ralph telling Crusty ol’ Dude to be ready, because they were coming right over the top of the pit. Well, I just had to peek and looked for them so I could inform my crew, of their where about . I got out a little to far and could not move back. As six of these birds passed right over my head, but off to the side there was a straggler, that was a real long shot(60 yards) for me, but very close to Crusty ‘ol Dude. Since I have help him out most of the time, my plan was to knock this one down and, then turn and dump a couple more into the pond. Now remember, my shirt was so tight, I just plain missed on the first shot and took another shot, and then another, and he flew off. I must say, he was severely injured, and to the point that, him seeing Kansas is doubtful. I was very upset and hurt because, I am sure they are the first shots I have missed all fall, and all because I was to proud to unbutton a shirt. With the earlier history of this wrecking crew, and the number of shot that I had heard behind me, I was scared to turn and see all the feathers floating down. Then I heard some grumbling so I checked, and could not believe what I was seeing. I could not find one bird in the pond. This added to the depression I was feeling, and was really hurting, when Crusty ‘ol Dude, with the clicky clack, has the audacity, to claim that I scared that bird so bad, that it made it impossible for him or any hunter to hit it. He also was upset because I was shooting his lane. I was guilty of this, but I was doing my best to do a good deed, with him in mind, and here, he was cursing me. Well I asked where were the dead birds. Sugar Maker, said he just plain missed, but Chief Sharp-Eye, claimed that the blind was so warm and the barrel of his smoke pole warped. But the best excuse was, Stretch, said he was taking a nap and didn’t get a shot.

That was the total for the day, Should have had 7 Geese and 4 ducks but just got the mallards.

Say a prayer for the troops and please check back
See Ya Carl

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