Saturday, November 22, 2008

Was a good push of birds but not much looked

T’was slow again today, even though, it was a fun day. As you can see from the picture above, there were strange things going on at Kohler’s Pond today. The young lady (Mindy Olson, for those of you that don’t know her) baked this cake for me. You can’t read the writing on top, but it was because, I turned another year older today. Also had a young hunter that was hunting with us today, that turned another year old also, (think he turned 13) I am slightly older than that. We have celebrated, our B’Days the past four years together in the blind. So the crew pigged out on B’Cake. Thanks Mindy for your thoughtfulness, you are a jewel in my eyes.

As for the hunting, Had just one flock of ducks and one flock of four geese in on us today. They cleaned out the ducks, the geese, we placed two D I P.

Had a major movement of Sky Carp today. Not a one even as much give us a good look. Also seen pretty good movement on ducks and they were almost as stuck up as the S&B’s were. As for the Canada’s, we did see several flocks, some did give us a look, but not a good look. I guess you have to say that the group of 4 did give us a fair look, or we would not of had a shot at them.
As you know this is Saturday night and I have to take my bride out for a meal, and a Toddy, so best get this posted and go treat, Mommy.

As always say a prayer for all the troops tonight.

Please check back
See Ya Carl .

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