Sunday, November 23, 2008

It is beginning to look better for hunting

Had what was a great big push of Snows and Blues. We just had to see over a 100,000 birds ourselves, and there had to be some both east and west of us, that we didn’t see.. It was almost a steady stream from early morning to about 3:00, when we got a wind change. RK received, a call from someone that, made a phone call to Sand Lake, and they confirmed the Snows and Blues were moving out of there, and we have the feeling that everyone of them moved out today. Makes you wonder if there isn’t some weather change coming soon. We will have to wait and see on that point.

There was also some ducks on the move to. Seen many large flock bucking the wind. We heard, all the hunting spreads north of us, was filling their limits early this morning. We did not see many decoy-able ducks in our area.

The Canada’s, was another story. First off this morning we had a flock of 50 Cacklers give us a great look. We thought that this was going to be the day on them, but that was the last flock of just Cacklers we seen. When the wind changed, (3:00) we started to see the big old boys. After a minor adjustment on the decoys we got them to respond. But still had hard luck on them. You know when you plan on wiping out a flock, most of the time over half fly out. Well it happened here today. We had lost most of the guns, and were down to just 3 guns. Each gun holds 3 shells. Each hunter can take three birds, right??? So 3X3 equals 9, and that was exactly the number of birds that was in this flock. Now they were coming in low and slow, kinda quartering with the wind. At extreme range, 25 yards, but turning right in front of the pits. The boss call the shot, shots flew, and so did 7 of them damn birds. I know there was one hurt, but I guess not to bad. There is still a big argument as which birds fell. I was not in any one’s lane, cause I took the left birds and I was the left gun. The biggest problem is with the Right hand gunner. See, Post-mortem on one he is claiming, proved he died from an red shell and not a gray shell. You don’t find gray shell in ol’War Eagle. That guy is a problem, at times like this. We did see several flocks after that, but again had some decoy problem. We moved them to another place on the lake and closed up shop. But before we left the area we had some settle into the pond, and we are hoping they freeze in tonight and maybe we can put a few in the bag in the morning.
Remember the young men and women that are serving this great country, with a prayer tonight

Check back and we’ll see ya Carl

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