Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A total Disaster

Today was a total disaster, from daylight on. Just before it was legal we had 3 geese that come in, in total silence and settle into the decoys. They escaped unharmed, next was a flock of 15-20 that decoyed in behind the pits and we thought they were going to make another round. The boss called the shot unexpectedly we took 2. Then it got really ugly. Had four nice flocks, ranging from 10 to about 50, all decoying in just great, only to be driven out by an airplane. We thought it was some Peta group. This plane we first spotted south about over Olson’s spread. It was circling and diving all the way up the valley, had reports, as far north as Decatur. Was in our area almost for an hour. We would have a flock coming in and here would come that plane a drive them out. It got so close to us that we got the ID numbers off the side and off the wing. So we called the Law and launched a complaint. We gave then the ID numbers and we also had someone to contact the G&P. We watched as it kept up the same pattern over all the spreads up through the bottom. The Sheriff even brought out the paper work so all could make statements and sign. The Sheriff as well as the Game and Parks were both investigating, and found out it was a plane doing some picture taking for some atlas or something like that, hired by the county. Well we had 14 customers, and that was not to pleasing to them to have their day of hunting destroyed. We should of put a minimum 15 more birds in the bag, and just maybe limited out on big Canada’s today. If that was not enough, we had another 75 right down in there with just seconds to go before shooting and the Idiot, that hunts Pettit’s Shot one shot, and spooked them out of there. We just may have to Call the law on him too. He is out of the City and thinks he owns 2/3 of Burt county, and is always doing something to upset some hunters in the area. We had been turning the other cheek for a couple of years and just maybe forced to take other action.

Well most of the guys got depressed and headed home, so we closed up shop and come to the house.

Well all of you have a great Thanksgiving and please say a prayer for all the hero’s that are not going to share a meal, with there love one, while protecting us, and our rights.

Check back and See ya Carl

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