Friday, November 28, 2008

Slow hunt, But a great game

The first thing, I need to do is correct yesterdays report. I made a mistake on the number of birds taken. I have corrected it but if you arte not going to read it again you will never know. We took 6 ducks not 7 and we had 7 Canada’s not 4. For the life of me I have no idea just what I was thinking, when I put down them numbers.

Now for today’s action. No wind what so ever, for as long as we were out there. The worst thing, we had very little water and if you try to open it up with no wind, there is all the little chips of ice that the boss does not like. We had one flocks of Canada’s, that could see that the ice was thin and would not hold them, and we just could not get them down. That hurt because, there was not many birds flying around, so to miss out on this flock, really hurt. Earlier, we did get into a pair that was flying up the river and we got them to come look at us, and we took both of them. The ducks were not to be found today.

Give up the hunt and come to the house to watch Bo’s Boys, bump heads with the Colorado Buff. Had to wait till this thriller was over to complete and post this. What a KICK. Bo’s Boys are on the way

Say a prayer for the troops and maybe say a little thanks for the great kick.
See ya Carl

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