Sunday, November 09, 2008

Big Birds again

Well this is a little late, tonight but I had a meeting I had to attend before I could write.

We had ice this morning. It was about ½ inch thick. So the crew had to open a spot for the decoys. With the wind there was plenty of ice on the decoys too, that need cleaning off too. I am going to include a picture of big geese that we took, in the early morning shot. The boss going out to help bring in some of our trophy's. The third day in a row with Canada’s taken.

As to the happening today. We got into a few ducks, and one flock of Canada’s. The Canada shot was just exactly what the boss thought was a chocolate shot., but a our staff of gunners made the best of it and we downed 7, out of about 15 birds. Now I do not feel that is not to bad of shooting, because they were on the turn, but were just right out in front of us. They were some big birds. However we did not weight any of them. Again I have to comment about the number of Mallards we are seeing this fall. Almost like past season of yesteryear. They are not giving us all the shot we are wanting but we are seeing them, just the same. Also the percentage of drakes has backed off just a little of what it was a couple a weeks ago. But with a little slower day, than the past couple have been we still took around 10 today.

I was hurried last evening, and didn’t get to think of just what I wrote, and what I left out. I had completely forgot to say that the Snows and Blues were on the move yesterday. We also, seen a few flocks of them today but nothing like yesterday. One other thing about today’s birds, they were much lower than they were yesterday. Most of our birds were in the clouds when we seen them and today we had birds that were out looking for food, over finding a place to stop at, for a rest. I still get almost breathless to see then big boys, turn back into the wind and never move a wing as they descend into the spread. Sometimes talking all the way and the next time a little less vocal.

Well I best get my night time prep, for tomorrow. So till the next report keep the troops in your prayers

See Ya Carl

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