Friday, November 14, 2008

Wet but Fruitful

We had about a full gamut, of weather today. When I left the house this morning, at about 5:00 it look like a wonderful day of weather. The moon was out in all it’s splendor, almost overpowering the street lights, here on my street. There were a few clouds, but not looking to threatening. Hit the cafĂ© for my morning coffee and to meet the hunters, before we got out to the farm, to begin our mud trip to the pits, it had clouded over. After we settled into the pits, poured the first cup, waiting for it to get legal, we were scrambling for the fiberglass panels, to cover up with to hold off the rain drops. During the not so brief rain, guess at least ½ inch, there was duck everywhere. Not many really wanted to settle into the decoys, but they were there. When the rain quit, and the panels were back in storage there was, few ducks, and the ones left would not cooperate, with the calls or the decoys.

Also during morning the Sky Carp, were on the move. We had received report that there was 300,000, of them in the Sand lake area in South Dakota. We know we never seen every bird but we seen huge flock after huge flock below the clouds and are sure there had to be that many in and above. Later on in the day when there were a few holes in the clouds, you could see flock that must have been at least 40,000 feet up. If it had not been for the sun shining on their white bellies, you would have know they were there. So I am guessing that most of the 300,00 moved south today.

The picture was taken late in the afternoon when the sun found a hole in the clouds and lit up the river tree line as well as our decoys. I don’t think that at the pits we ever cast a shadow.

What action we got today, was all small flocks of geese. The way we shot, it was best, that way too. I am not for sure but I think we had 5 go-a-rounds and ended up with a whapping 14 Canada’s. It was just plain fun, even if we didn’t shoot good. Now I am not saying we never wiped out a small flock, because we did, but it took time and shells.

Best get this posted so remember the troops in your bedtime prayers, and please check back.
See Ya Carl

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