Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shot like pro's today

Things went just a little better, today. First off the harvesting was so good that not one bird flew out on us today, that got in gun range, and that was legal. Early early this morning we had 3 loons, three ducks and one Canada all in the decoys. All left before it was legal to shoot.
We had a hard freeze as well and a heavy frost and geese don’t get up that early so the Boss had not cleaned the frost off. With the weather forecast, why would you?? Suppose to have some winds and clear skies, dark birds and sun and it should be done my Mamma Nature, and geese don’t move much before 9:00AM.

About an hour into the day we had a nice flock of Big Canada’s come from the Northwest and low. And I mean low. Well they didn’t like frosty decoys and got higher when they got to them and just out of range when they went over, the pits. Also didn’t have the best water hole for them either. So we talk this all over, and say it was a complete fluke that they showed up at that hour, and guess what?? Here comes 4 more. Same song, same verse, and they flew out. Then a little later we had 2 big Canada’s drop in and they stayed. A little latter we had a young Blue drop in and we took care of him too.
The picture was this morning sunrise. Have to confess it was better than the picture

Around noon with the wind and the warm weather the ice got to moving in the lake a was causing all kinds of decoy problem so Rob-Bob and Ralph, pulled all the decoys and they all are on the bank, now. Pulled the plug, and come to the house.
This about all the news from the pits today, so remember the troops tonight, and please check back.

See Ya Carl

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