Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Can-a-da Oh Can-a-da

Have you ever wondered just why we hit the pits so early in the morning. It is always very dark and we just set there for 20-30 minutes. Well it was all explained this morning. We had got our butts and gear into the pits, lit the burners, poured the coffee, but all the time we had some geese circling the spread. Several times offering great shots, if only it was legal times. With about 20 minutes to go till legal this group started to settle into our spread. It was so neat (cool, as the kids would say) to hear the ones on the pond to talk to the one in air. There was a single that was, way out East of the blinds, that was what I would define as coo-ing and there was one on the pond calling back with the traditional honk, while all the rest were just chattering. We got them up but they turned the wrong way, and we managed to harvest only two of them. On another flock of about 75, that must have had us located and just managed to stay out of range, they got into the pond too. This flock got out of there unharmed. However we did have several go-a-round on them. I did not asked just how many times we went into action before we pulled up and come to the house, about a half hour early. We were a few birds short of a limit for all the hunters. We had 13 guns and we ended up with 27 Canada’s, we were so sure we could limit out, but they just quit flying to quick. I guess there is also a chance that we didn’t kill enough when we had the birds too.

The ducks is another story. We made the most of all the opportunities, on them. I think there was two singles and then a nice flock that we took a total of 11 mallards.

So there is no way other than to say that it was a top ten day, any way you cut it. The Canada's were all the big birds and they were all above average for size, too. We did not weigh all of them but they all were over 10 lbs, and some hitting near 13 lbs.

Best get posted. So remember all the troops, in your prayers tonight.

Check back and we will see ya Carl

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