Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We have a weather change coming

Don’t get excited, we have not been hammering ourselves into the ground. Have received some report that the ducks are moving in our direction and in front of the pending storm. Sure hope they move far enough that we see some. Also have report that we have some that are bedding down, here in Burt County but must be moving in another direction to feed, cause we are not seeing them.

Sounds as if we are getting a weather change, starting tomorrow. They have had the gull to even mention the Snow word, for us, I think Fri. We do not need any of that, because we need to get this corn out so the birds will have a place of feed. We are needing something to get the juices running in the hunters veins. What I am saying, We are needing some hunters to help pass the time out at the pits. A few ducks would help that.

I for one am in favor of having some birds take up residents here in Burt County for a while. For at least the past two seasons we have not seen enough Mallards to talk about. I would like to just one more time, see a huge flock of Mallards. Lets say 2,000 circle our pits, and give us a thrill. Don’t even have to give us a shot, just circle.

All you guys that have been holding back for some birds, before you show up, may just miss it, if you do not get to the pits one of the next few days. We have the weather in our favor, for the last part of this week and the first part of next week.

Now you know I have not passed on or give up the ship. Sorry but there has not been any thing to write about. But please keep checking back in and remember to say a prayer for our troops tonight, and every night

See Ya Carl

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