Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Nontraditional Traditional Thanksgiving Hunt

The traditional Thanksgiving hunt, was not the traditional hunt, as in the past, 6 to 8 years. Usually it is me, my grandson’s and a few close friends. My oldest Grandson has advanced on to collage in South Dakota, and I was sure he was not planning on purchasing a license for a one day hunt, so had spaced it off. Well late in the day yesterday RK thought I was hunting and told a couple of other members that if they wanted to show up he would just join the group. So I made a phone call to the collage kid and he said he was planning on the hunt, but would not shoot. With that info, I knew his, not so little brother, would join us too. Made another call to another grandson’s house and He and his Dad would join us. A couple more friends and we had the group together. So we all met at the shed at the proper time and made our venture to the pits. Eleven warm bodies snuggled into the pits. We made our breakfast of Hashbrown’s, Sausage, and eggs. And figured we were in for the traditional hunt for Thanksgiving. Just a few ducks, teasing us and some excitement over some geese, that refused to decoy. (One year we had a big flock that come into the lake and was landing, without calling, and that was the only shot ever on geese). Well today we had the Boss I his seat, so things went just a little different. We got into ducks two times and geese two times. Every other year we have had ice covering the lake so, retriving was a job that could be done in tennie waders.

We seen several bunches of geese and I want to say, not to many ducks, fewer than in the past. But we put more in the bag this year than ever before. We ended up with 6 nice Mallards and 7 Big Canada’s. Now before you take the shoes off and start to count, 11 hunters, 4 go-a-rounds 11 birds??????? The Boss don’t take a gun, just 2 kids shooting, I was not shooting, one Dad that don’t hunt Waterfowl, And on a couple of go-a-rounds we had lost ½ of the total crew. We did good.

Was a fun day, SureShot had got all the pictures he wanted, therefore no planes, bird that decoyed, no IDIOT shooting to scare birds, just a fun day.

Have to cleanup for Thanksgiving supper, so remember all the members of the milatary, that are off protecting us, in your prayers tonight, and please check back

See Ya Carl

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