Saturday, November 15, 2008

They were tough today

We had some sunshine today. Wasn’t for all day but at least there was some for a period of time. If nothing else it lifted our spirits some.

As for the bird action, our harvesting was slow again today. But the birds were not cooperating to good. They just did not let down today. From the phone calls, sounded as if everyone was having the same problem. This is so hard on the Boss. He just don’t like a goose to pass us by. He, thinks the customers are upset with him, because they got away and they didn’t get a shot. There is very few that ever complain. And it is not hard to see he works hard for a shot, regardless of the out come. Today was just a tough day for him.

I had to come in early, we have a family get together tonight, so if I make the appointment, I had to vacate early. When I left there was only two geese and two ducks in the bag.

Please remember to say a prayer for all the young hero who are fighting for us, in your bedtime prayer, tonight.

See Ya Carl

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