Saturday, November 29, 2008


Everyday there are highlights ,and on some days there are HIGHLIGHTS. Today we had HIGHLIGHTS. It all started early with 6 ducks decoying in so fast, they landed in the decoys just off the end blind. Ralph said over the speaker "you guys, in end blind, take them ducks". Well they did not get up fast enough and did not shoot fast, and all ducks escaped. The Boss gave lessons, When you get up on birds go fast and shoot fast because that may scare them so bad that they don’t get organized and we may all get a shot. Later in the day the same thing happened with a goose. So the command was given, and the end pit sprang to life. Steel, wads, water spraying high, and plenty of smoke. When the smoke cleared, there it lay D I P------a decoy, but some one noticed, there was a band on this decoy, and depression quickly changed to glee, we got a banded decoy, in the bag.

They tried to explain it is tough to figure out, just how much shot drift and lead, you have to figure in, with a sitting goose, with a tough wind we had today of about .003 MPH, at your back. They are supposed to send pictures of shooters and battered decoys, but have not arrived at time of this posting. Maybe tomorrow!!!!

Later today we had another single duck, Boss called shot long, so no chance of bird landing in decoys. Was total of warm bodes, in game bag for the day.

Would not miss tomorrow for nuttin. Should have some good wind.

Remember the men and women tonight in your prayers.

Please check back and See Ya Carl

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