Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The 2007 spring season in action

We started the 2007 spring season off this morning. Well we didn’t start shooting this morning, but, we were in the pits with smoke poles, loaded and secured, and ready for action. We had drank all our coffee, down our cookies, cooked and ate our lunch, before we seen our firsts Snow geese. They were just not to plentiful, was seeing a few dark geese and a few ducks, but the S&B’s were not to be seen. But the good news is, when they did show up, we left no survivors. Around 2:00 we spotted two Snow’s high out over the lake. We welcomed them in with our sweet music and on one pass out in front, the boss gave the command, and they were rendered DIP. Remember that means Dead In Pond. We are still shooting 100 percent. I will have to admit, there was just a few more shells shot, than 2. By the way, this is one flock, where I didn’t miss a shot, see I didn’t shoot.

It is very muddy and we have to walk out, but if we could get some good sunshine and a wind to dry the road, in a couple days that would be in shape to drive on too. Most of the snow is out of the fields, and there was report that the geese had pushed up to, within a few miles of Omaha, so we should be seeing geese right away.

However, we are having some trouble with our phone. I am guessing that the problem is all the snow, someplace between the lake and town. I will take some more tools for testing, tomorrow and just maybe we can find the problem. This morning it was very clear, and then all of a sudden, we had a very noisy phone. This is why I feel it is in one, of the many post, the phone company has, between us and town. Most of them are buried under, a couple ft. of snow. So if this is the problem it could take a day or two for this to go away. So if you are trying to call, and having no luck, this is why.

Need to close this, so please check back.

Keep the troops in your prayers.

See Ya Carl

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