Friday, March 09, 2007

Hunting pick up just a little

The hunting picked up a little today. All of our action was before the mid day hour had arrived. I don’t remember just what time it was, but again it was just a few minutes after the sun had show itself from under the cloud cover we had early this morning. The first flock come floating in from the east and it was obvious that they wanted in and didn’t waste to much time getting into gun range. As I said yesterday, the boss was having a good time out of the fact that we got only 3 out of the first flock we had got to shoot into for the season. We had pleaded that we would do better on the next go-a-round. This plea was falling on ears, that didn’t want to hear promises. Well on this flock we harvested 9 out of it. Done a very respectable job. Then we had one hunter, who was not there on yesterday’s shot, and he was claiming that, everything over 3, was the same as the number of shell he had shot into this flock.

Had several report, that has mind boggling numbers of geese on the reserves down on the Nebraska Missouri line. And they are still coming in every hour, so they have to be moving on North. The lake lost so much ice today, and what is left is so rotten that it is not going to last much longer.

We had two more little flocks in on us later, and we cleaned out both of them, bringing our total up to 15 birds for the day.

This Sunday, we change our clocks for day light saving time. I have told a couple of people that we will be leaving the café at the wrong time. We will be leaving the café at 6:15. If you are one of those that I told wrong, I am sorry, I really messed up. I even told the café the wrong time. Since I am talking about the Café, the Manager “Flo” wants me to tell you that she is now open in the evening for dinner. She would enjoy your patronage. The Sign on the window says TAILGATORS BAR and GRILL, so she is a full service station, for exhausted hunters, evening meal. So if possible please stop in and help her out, she works herself to death, serving us hunters.

Please remember all the young heros that serve our country, in your evening prayers tonight and every night.

See Ya Carl

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