Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The latest, on Ralph

This posting is to let you know, that our Boss, Ralph suffered a heart attack Monday morning 3-26-07. It all got started around 8:00. We first took him to the Blair Hospital, where it was diagnosed as a heart attack and they had ordered the Helicopter, for a flight to Methodist Hospital. Dorothy and I come back to Tekamah for phone numbers, of their Kids and a few other things for Ralph. By the time we got to the Hospital he was in and almost out of surgery for the placements of one stint. We never did get a visit from a Dr. but Dorothy had got in to the recovery room, for a very short visit, and to inform him we were returning to Tekamah, So Dorothy could get a little rest. The Daughters will be in town before sundown Tue, and this will help Dorothy. We will be going back to Omaha in the Morning 3-27. When I have more Info will post it

The latest report from the nurse’s desk he had a good night and was setting up and every thing is going fine, will bring you up to speed when I have more info.

A little pray, will be appreciated and felt.

See Ya


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