Saturday, March 10, 2007

The action has begun

Well the hunting picked up today. The morning was frustrating, there were so many geese, on the move. All kinds, Canada’s, Hutch, Cacklers, Specks, as well as the Sky Carp. We could not do anything with them. They would start to decoy and then just fly out. My opinion, as to what was going on is, these were all the breeders, and they always push the snow line pretty hard, and they were checking it out. Then this afternoon they were coming back knowing very well they were as far north as they could go, so we decoyed them this afternoon. Never seen any dark geese come back, south.

I had one of our nations, hero’s, hunting with me for the past 3 days. Never had one good day of hunting. He had to head back home, today, and wanted to leave at noon. Well he packed his gear and headed for his car just after noon. I am sure he never made it there, before we had a flock start to decoy. Other flocks joined in and this kept them excited and we finely got into them. I am sure he was not out of the parking lot when we open up on them. We had one huge flock circling, of over a 1000 birds, when we went onto action.

The afternoon was pretty action filled, and had some great go-a-rounds. In fact one go-a-round we took 20 birds out of a small flock of about 40. As one hunter said, not just the bottom of that flock, fell out, some of both sides fell too, when we opened up.

The day end, with a bag of, over 50, for the day. Why I would not miss tomorrow for nuttin.

Please include a prayer, for all the troops that protect this nation, tonight, and every night. It is not that hard to do, and it means a lot to all of them. I have I have heard it from them.

See Ya Carl

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