Sunday, March 18, 2007

The smoke poles, cooled just a little, today

First off there is an update on yesterday. There was some more birds picked up after the hunt, and one picked up by a hunter leaving early, bringing the total for yesterday up to 78.

We need to hunt real hard if we get it to that number, for today. Had some great shots, and several near misses. But only managed, to bag 40, for today. Has been some week, for this spring hunt. If my memory serves me right there was no skunk days, because I think that 7 was the least and 78 for the most. I think, that in the eight days, from Sunday to Sunday the total for that time is real close to 300 birds, and it may be a bird or two over. Has been an exciting and rewarding week. And the sick thing about it is, we feel that there was about 3 days where we should have had a hundred on each of them days. Another amazing thing is that we have had on problem, with getting some one to take all of these birds. Not many depressed hunter, leaving the pits this past week. There may have been a couple that were depressed, because they left to early.

Will let you go. I want to go check out the fire damage that we had in Herman this morning. We lost one of our feeding and watering holes. Had several dept. fighting it most of the morning.

Say a prayer for all our service personal tonight, in your bed time prayers

See Ya Carl

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