Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Was a sloooow day

Things slowed down again, so the action was pretty slow. However we did a good job when the opportunity confronted us. When it look like, we were going to get skunked, we had a nice flock of about 30 float in on us. When they heard our music they locked up real good and were making all the right moves, when along come an airplane. As you know S&B geese and airplane are not a good mix. Well after the plane passed we got 7 to come back, and they took several rounds before they got down into range. When the command was given, we were down to just a few gunners, and they were up to the task. Took, a call back to complete the job, but we got them all down. That was the total for the day. Had several thousands setting in a field just North West of our blinds, about 3 miles. So that was pulled most all the birds to that field, and kept us just watching.

Our local newspaper, done an article on one of our hunters, and it is in this weeks newspaper, but you can read it on the web by going to www.burtcountyplaindealer.com. Then go to sports and click on the story about Internet Links Army Man to Kohler’s Blinds. I think it is some good reading.

Have to go, so remember all the troops tonight in your bed time prayers

See Ya and check back


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