Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fair day with great sights

Things were slower as far as number of birds, harvested, but to Paul Harvey the day. That means to, give you the rest of the story. Had one shot that made the whole long wait, worth waiting for.

But first off, we got busy pretty early in the morning. We begin to think that maybe the day would be near a record day. There was some geese in the area, and they were giving us a good look. I think we had about 15-17 in the bag when they got the idea, they were not going to finish and give us a shot. There were even high migratory, and we were turning them, and they would drop down, but would just not finish. We tried several different tactic and nothing would work, and everyone was getting a little depressed and some even went, home. One guy I won’t name him, left, to watch a NASCAR race. Now think about that, watch a couple dozen cars run around a 2 mile circle, or would you rather watch 600 to 1000 geese sail around, in a ¼ mile circle. Well we got the geese and he got the cars. Took that flock, over 6 minutes (according to the digital read out, on my recorder) to screw down into gun range, before we went into action. Had 2 or 3 sailors out of the bunch that we didn’t get picked up, but had just over 15, we did get picked up. They were just stacked on top of us, geese were going in all directions, at once, what a sight.

I am not sure the total for the day but it was but it was over 30. Didn’t quite measure up to expectations, we had in the morning, but it was a fun day, and no one that stuck around, was upset. Had another huge flock, that decoyed in after that bunch, and it was even bigger, that we didn’t get into, but the great sights was still there. If you judge the success of days hunt by the size of the bag, and forget all the sight, then you are hunting for all the wrong reasons. I know some times that this report reflects that, and I am sorry, because there is so much more to hunting, than harvesting.

Well this has got carried away, so time to close.

Remember all the Guys and Gales that, are protecting us and our great nation, tonight in your prayers

See Ya and please check back


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