Monday, March 19, 2007

Burn't some powder as well as a memorable finaly

Had a very busy morning. Not seeing to many, but everything that come along come in. They just love to fly into a stiff breeze, and that is what we had this morning and it was right out of the north, at about 15 to 25 mph. They were tough to get far enough north for all pits, to have a great shot. You know, in a wind like we had today, in less than a second, they can gain 20 yards. So shooting and calling the shot is tough. So some go-a-rounds the harvesting was a little short and on other go-a-rounds we made up for the short round.

Around noon they shut down and we never seen anything so we decided that we was going to shut down at 4:30. Well as you might expect, at 4:30, and we had the pickup parked there, people walking around loading their gear and the game, dogs running through the decoys, and everything you don’t want going on when you are hunting, was going on. Someone says, I hear geese. A quick scan of the skies and we spotted 8 to 10 dropping towards, the spread. Well some guys had some shell in there pocket and shared with others and we uncased our guns and loaded, while they were on one of there swings, the boss called the shot, and we bagged at least 5. Rockie is scouting out the lake for others that we dropped then and before. This extra unloading exercise, brought the daily bag up to 45 and this total may be revised upwards tomorrow. This has brought the season total up to 450. If we can have a few more days, this could turn out to be one of the best spring hunt we have ever had. Would be nice to break that number too.

Not anything else I can talk about tonight so will close this.

Don’t forget the troops tonight and say a prayer for them.

Also please check back

See ya Carl

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