Thursday, March 22, 2007

The game bag, should have been fuller

Did see some birds this morning and they did decoy, but with no wind we could not get them to finish, so we could get a shot. Then late morning we did get into a flock, also had a couple of singles and pairs fly in also. Total bag was under ten. But we did get to take our smoke poles out of the rack and put them to used. The shot we had was a great shot and we should have had a few more. I think we took only 6 out of a flock of at least 25 that were in range.

It is beginning to look like the season is coming to a close. Sure wish we could get a good deep snow storm, north of us, and send them back, so we could have another round with them. Now if you should know some one in So. Dakota, done send them my name and tell them I am wanting them to have some more winter, but it would help our hunting.

We are in a little early, today, so I am going to close this, and see if I can get a little chair nap.

Say a prayer for all the troops tonight

Check back

See ya Carl

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