Monday, March 12, 2007

Nice bag of game tinight

Was another good day today. Was not the best day of decoying birds, but all and all when they decoy, did we had some quality shots, at least on two go-a-rounds. In fact on one round, I was not in the pits at the time, they took over 20 out of that group. They were thick, and stacked. It was one fantastic sight, from my view, I was setting on the tailgate of the truck, but it still was a thrill.

Never had the biggest crew today either, but they rained them out of that flock. Most of our shots were into small groups, but there was know one that was not happy with today’s action. The bag had 42 in it when we left, and with just a little luck, we maybe could have doubled that. There were enough birds, that is for sure.

Have some things to get done, this evening, so have to make it short tonight. .

But be sure to say a little prayer for all the troops, tonight at your bed time

See Ya.


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