Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another great day

Had a pretty good day again today, even if we did have a tough time decoying them. We had way to many flocks in on us today with out a shot, that it would have been very easy to have harvested twice as many birds as we did. There was some, just outstanding decoying, and then not to get a shot was a little depressing, but when the day was all over and we counted, we had harvested 50, to complain seams so selfish.

There was some low flock, but most was real high. The boss has always said they are the best to decoy, and we did turn some of them. Early in the day there was some that were west of us, but by noon they were coming right over us, and we turned our share of these flocks. Have no idea as to just how many go-a-rounds, we had, but I am guessing everyone had to shoot up a box of ammo again today.

Have to close this, so please check back tomorrow and lets hope there is another great report.

Say a prayer for all the troops tonight.

See Ya Carl

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