Thursday, March 08, 2007

Was just a little slow today

We kept getting reports all morning long stating, that the sun was shining, in the callers, area and the skies were full of Snows and Blues, as well as other species of ducks and geese. It took just a mater of a few minutes for them to show up in our area, once the skies cleared, but that was near to the end of their activity for the day. We had one flock decoy to our spread, at the most deadly hour and minute, of the day. 12:08, we got into a little flock of about 35 and took 3. Can’t make an excuse for the bad shooting other than, early season jitters. Everyone vows, that we will do better on the next flock. But that flock never come along.

Not much else to report.

So please remember the troops in your prayers this evening

Please check back and maybe we will have a report of a good days shoot.

See Ya Carl

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