Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We burnt some powder today.

Was a memorable day today. I am sure most shooters went through, a couple of boxes of shells, today. I almost did and there were a couple times where I didn’t shoot, I think age has the reason, I didn’t get up fast enough.

I have no idea just how many go-a-rounds we had today, but I do know we had two fantastic sight on two flocks. They done everything that the Snows and Blues do so well, and that is what makes them such great sport birds. They stood in the breeze, Corn Shucked, come in with feet down, both slow and fast, they displayed it all. The only thing that didn’t happen, they didn’t come in real thick, so you had to pick a bird.

Today was also a record for this year. The all time, spring goose, record almost fell and that is 69, today’s bag was almost 70 birds too. Some where between 66 and 69, we are not sure.

We give up at 4:30 so we could have broke that record, but we were concerned about getting them all disposed of. So most of the hunters gave us a hand and we had a goose dressing party and dressed them out in about 15 minutes. We just pulled the breast meat.

This makes one great summer sausage, and it goes over real good at parties. Can’t have to much of it.

My Dinner is ready so better close this.

Remember the troops tonight, in your prayers

See Ya Carl

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