Saturday, March 17, 2007

A powder burning day, again

Was a number one day, with a couple of broken records. The decoying was breath taking with the east wind, so everyone could see most of it. Had some great go-a-rounds to go with it. On the first go-a-around, ,we had a flock that was all spread out across the blinds and right up over the top of us. Now this was on a flock, where flock shooting was not an option either. And some how, we took a record 29 birds, out of it.

Most of the morning was spent down in the pits, because there was not much of the time, that there was not birds over us. The action slowed down in the afternoon. But the day ended with a new daily record. If they can find a couple of sailers we will have 76. That is a pretty good day. As for the number of shell everyone shot up today, I can not guess, but it was a bunch. My blind had two sacks of trash, and there was plenty of shell boxes and empty shells, that filled them. I didn’t go through a box, but my knees are brothering, so I don’t go up on every go-a-round and when I do go, not many times do I get my gun empty.

I have a feeling that there are some smiles that will take a while to wipe off a few hunters faces, after this day.

I think Mommie wants to go out, so I better go feed and water her.

Say a prayer for the troops tonight, and also be sure check back

See Ya Carl

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