Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ralph is home

Just come back home for the Kohlers, Ralph is home, and is in great spirits. Is a little shook up over the cost of his med’s. I told him after he made the statement that no one could afford all them pills. I said, the way you have to look it this is, most people have been on all these pills for 20 years, when they are your age, so look at how much you have saved over the past 20 years.

Ralph is Ralph yet. The kids said when he left the Hospital, he refused the wheel chair, and insisted on walking out. He is the only person I have ever heard of that got that pulled off. I think that is written in the corner stone, of ever Hospital All victims must leave the building in wheel chair. But he pulled it off and walked out, to the car.

Take a minute and touch base with him some how. He is going to have more time on his hands that he has ever had before. Needs help in burning up the time

Remember the troops in your prayers, and add the boss, to your special list, also.

See Ya


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