Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Update on Ralph

The events of the day went just a little different, than we had planned, and hoped, but they are still are something that we can live with.

When we arrived at Ralph room this morning, the Dr. was there, and gave Dorothy and Ralph, some incite into the operation.. Now I must insert this was just a little more serious attack, than I wanted to admit to. The blockage was on one of the big arteries, above the branching out, so this one blockage, was blocking several places on the heart. There is another blockage that is in place, but they want to handle that, by medication and not a stint. As luck would have it today, one of the kids, that had hunted with Ralph, several years ago, and was a specialist in the medical field, a Radiologist, stopped by, and he explained to Ralph all the reasons for each pill, he has to take. Also explained the importance of taking them. Ralph has never taken many pills in his life, so that is going to be a change too.

Now how is Ralph??? He is up walking around, Looks great, is laughing, joking as Ralph does. Was fielding phone calls all day, and complaining, about the Hospital food. He feels as though he in dire, need of, some Dorothy prepared food.

He didn’t get to come home today as we thought he may, and that does not pose any problem. The girls are on their way back, and they are having some connection problem, with their airlines, so are coming in much later, that they were scheduled. I brought Dorothy back to Tekamah, and the girls will stop by the hospital, in the morning and pick up their Dad and bring him, on home.

Just in case you need an address for a card or letter, the address is

820 Q Street

Tekamah, Nebr.


He is going to have to slow down some and change his diet some also. Of course as the way I look at it is. If it took 89 years to plug it, there is not much change needed for another 30.

I think the big change is needed in his attitude toward work. In other words, slow down, give an order, ask for help.

Of course we still are accepting all prayers, and also remember the troops, with a prayer too.

Check back and See Ya


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