Friday, March 16, 2007

Was a tough day.

Was just a real bad day at the pits. We could get most of the flocks to decoy, but to get them to finish was another story. The bag had less than twenty in it at days end. And for the number of birds we seen today you feel we should have had a few more when we closed up, for the day. But isn’t that hunting??? If you had great success on every hunting trip, that would not be fun either.

Have a few birds to add in for a couple of other days. First yesterday, Rockie, scoured out the south end of the lake, last evening and come up with three more birds, so that makes that tally 53. Also Craig Caskey was back today, and said that he had picked up 2 additional birds on his way home when he left early, on the day when we harvested 69, so that makes that day,71. Which is a record for a one day hunt, for us in the spring.

This is for all you readers that have not ever hunted, with Ralph Kohler. All these birds are taken before any has had a chance to land, and all shots are good sporting shots. We pass on all sky busting shots too. For example, today we may have had maybe 15 to 20 more birds if we were to take some high shot, giving up on a big flock, and taking a shot on two or three birds. Ralph wants everyone to have a good and as near equal opportunity as the hunter in the next pit.

Nothing else to report, so say a pray for this country’s hero tonight at bed time and please check back.

See Ya Carl

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