Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I will first address the picture. It was taken yesterday the 13th. I have about 5 pictures of this sunrise and they are all very good. There hasn’t been very many this fall, but this has to be the best for this hunting season. Hope you enjoy.

For all of you that live some distance from Nebraska, do not know just what we had for weather here today. The forecast was calling for winds out of the Northwest 20 to 30 with gust as high as 40 MPH, and that is what we got. With winds like this we were expecting to have a shoulder bruising day. The skies were crystal clear, so making it very hard to see high flyers. We are sure we were not missing a 100 percent, but there just was not any birds up there. After noon we started to see some high clouds and along with them came some flocks of birds. Snows and Blues, Canada’s, as well as some ducks. There was not an over abundance of them but there were a few, and we did turn some. Had one flock of about 50 that we thought were gone and they come back in and we took them on the first pass. What a sight, as they dropped, from several hundreds yards high, and into harvesting range. If you don’t enjoy that sight, it is time to go ahead and close the lid.

Did have one flock of ten Canada’s, that decoyed into the west lake. There was no one there, but we just could not get there attention, so I am sure, they never seen our lake, and with the wind, could not hear us, either.

As for what we placed in our game bag today. There was six, big fat, red leg, green heads. Boy, they were all nice big ducks. They have been feeding well. I think we went into action 3 times, but remember they escape pretty darn fast, in high winds. If you are not young and fast, you are just making noise.

Well I better got this off to you all. Say a prayer for all our hero’s in your bed time prayers.

Check back and see Ya


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