Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The picture is the first topic I will address this evening. This was taken a few days back, but I just have to send it on. Not the most beautiful sunrise you have ever seen, but there is so many vapor trails from airliners, that it made it so interesting. If memory serves me right there are 13 in the picture. I felt there was a need for a picture on this report, but not that much happening at the pits so this one come out of the files. Remember you can click on the picture and enlarge it for a better look..

We have been looking forward to this day for several days now. The crew consisted of some guest today that the boss was wanting, some action for. Hunters have been calling and wanting to have a seat saved for them, and we were almost as full, even spilled over into the old pits. The forecast has been saying that there was a strong Northwest wind and falling temp, coming today. Most of the time when we have a strong Northwest wind, we have a, action filled day. This year has been different, and today proved that again. We run the full gamut of weather. Sun, no sun, clouds, no clouds, high winds, light winds, lake freezing and lake opening up, and very slow action with all.

There was a few high geese, but very few were interested in stopping in for a short visit, and those that did decoy, did so just for a short pass or two over the spread, and never got in for a shot. And the ducks, were just as hard to decoy, too. We did have a few that made the mistake of trying to fly through the, no fly zone. “The bag” had only three big drakes in it tonight. We had only one small flock and we took two out of it, and a single come in, and we took him too.

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