Thursday, November 15, 2007

The day started with great promise, but just did not develop. We had 7 Canada’s in the decoys when we arrived in the decoys. They were about 75 yards out, so other plans were put in place. Kevin slithered out of the pit and went way out around them, with the idea of getting them up and the hunters in the pits could maybe harvest them. Well it ended up that Kevin was the only one to have a shot, and he opted not to shoot, in hopes we could call them over to us. Kevin, got to with in about 30-35 yards of them and was unselfish enough, to pass on a great shot. While he was gone on the long route around the lake, we passed on the only duck shot, we had all day. We did have another shot on a single later, but this was a flock of about 15.

The morning was exciting, as we had several flocks of geese and there was 3 or 4 flocks that did decoy. We had a major problem due to the fact, we were frozen up. Before sunrise we had a nice wind, but when the sun come up we lost all the wind, and it was cold enough, the lake froze over in just a few minutes. Thus the birds do not like thin ice. So all the Canada’s and ducks we had until the wind come back up did not look at us to long. We did have one goose that come in and tried to fly through our “No Fly Zone”. He didn’t make it. That was the total of our bag for the day.

Had several E-Mails asking for more sunrise, and a one asking if this is a hunting site why not picture of some game. Well if we start having some good shoots, I may have something to take a picture of. All reports are saying that South Dakota is loaded with waterfowl, and the weather map says we should be seeing them here this next week. Not sure of anything, anymore, so if they show up I will take pictures.

Again please say a prayer for all the guys and gals that are protecting us.

See Ya Carl

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