Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, and I have thanksgiving story for you today. The picture is some of our bag. First I have to give you the low down on yesterday. Had a few chances on Canada’s but just could not get them to finish. Was like that on the ducks too. Later in the afternoon, some one spotted two Canada’s, folded up like a duck coming in and we harvested them. That was the total for Wed.

Now to today’s Thanksgiving day hunt. Ralph has not hunted on Thanksgiving for a number of years. Thanksgiving Day hunt, has always been a little private thing with me and some close friends as well as my Grandsons. Some how Ralph made a reservations for some hunters on the 22nd of November, not knowing it was Thanksgiving day. His Dear wife, said he didn’t have to call and cancel them, if he would come in early. So as time passed he book a few more hunters and when we open the pits this morning we had 4 pits full, 20 plus hunters

Now with the cooler weather we had this gorgeous ice hole right out in front of the pits. Nice north west wind. The big Canada’s decoys, out in front of a nice little raft of Mallards decoys, dressing up our focal point. It had to be just begging to the birds, with all it’s beauty. The morning passed with out getting anything in close enough to even say they really decoyed. People had to leave for their Thanksgiving dinner and the fire power was vanishing fast.

We have this one hunter, that will remain nameless, we call him Hawkeye. He has the habit of leaving just before we shoot Canada’s, so he packed his gear and left. My spirits were lifted, buy his departure. I was very confident the big boys were on their way. At about 1:20 someone spotted a nice flock of geese up over the west lake, a group of over 20 big birds. Then the cry went up “they are coming our way” so everyone ducked under the straw and the calls went into action. Well they took a circle and a half, around our spread before lowered their landing gear. Eight or nine were going to settle into our open water hole and the others were going for one more pass and were right up over the pits, when, Pappa Goose gave the command TAKE’EM. When the smoke cleared we had 7 D.I.P. And two sailors. Now the amazing thing is, we had just 9 guns, two of them were manned by young boys. Some great shooting by all. 9 guns and 9 geese, just don’t get much better than that.

We weighted two of the real big ones and they were both 14 LBS plus. The small ones were not far behind, on the scales. I don’t think there was any under 10.5 lbs.

We stuck around for just a few more minutes a then closed up for the day. Didn’t think it would get any better, than what we had set on our plate.

Please remember the troops on this Thanksgiving day, in you evening prayers, they are our HERO’S

See Ya Carl

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