Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The sky was filled with low hanging clouds, and these clouds, had a very light mist falling from them, most of the morning. There was a 20 MPH North Northeast wind that felt like it was blowing off an iceberg. Along with all this discomfort there was chapped lips and faces, and maybe a sore shoulder or two, but many smiling faces, when we left the lake. The shots were on the sporting side, but we burnt some powder. If you haven’t heard, the ducks moved south today. The number that we placed in the pond today could not reflect the number that moved. We could not see over 200 yards most to the day so we seen only, what flew over us, but we can guess, as to how many thousands moved into the area. Today has to be one of the better shooting days we have had in a several years. Was very few minutes between flocks of ducks, and some of the flocks had 50 birds and up, in them.

The Canada’s were few, until later in the day, and then we started to see them, making us believe that we will be seeing them tomorrow. As we were closing up to come in we had three Canada’s that was all locked up and coming in. Calls and guns were packed, so we missed a great shot there.

I also must say we did see plenty of Snow’s and Blue’s too. Some of them we felt that came up from the south. We had reports of people hearing them in the night. Therefore, we just have to assume we had birds that moved in, and are staying someplace in the area. Wouldn’t that be fun if we had a few days of decoying them. We had some come in and land in the decoys early this morning before it was light enough to shoot. The time was right but you just could not see, because the clouds were so heavy. At the same time we had three Canada’s that flew into the decoys, again we just could not see them in time to get ready to shoot and call a shot. It was as dark as it is usually is when it is 2 hours before sunrise, on a very dark night.

As for the size of the bag, we know we missed so many in the weeds today, as you always do on windy day, but we had over 30 mallards when we closed. Again I must complain about just how hard it is, getting your shot to the birds, in this wind. They just don’t waste time getting out of range, when you start shooting.

It is always fun day, when we have a trash bag that has a few empty shell boxes in it, at days end. Since I back up my chamber load, with two 3.5 in shells on windy days, I emptied a couple of previous opened boxes.

Please say a prayer for the troops tonight, at bedtime

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